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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 16, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> gregg: welcome to america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. >> extra security and extra secrecy on casey anthony's last days behind bars. why she is scared to leave jail. >> it looks like a hollywood special effects. one of busiest freeways turned into a government town. a live reports on carmegeddon. >> should parents lose custody of their kids? we'll talk about that medical
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journal taking a controversial position. >> a deadlock over the nation's detd debt. the search for a grand bargain looking more illusive. face to face negotiations between the white house and capitol hill but not sitting at the table over 24 hours, after a week of meetings there has been a lost talking and very little action. now, the two sides are making their cases in the battle for public opinion. molly henneberg is live in washington with more on that. molly the president is pushing more of his you give a little, i give a little message today. what can you tell us? >> republicans aren't buying it. what the president said in his radio address he is willing to include cuts or reforms to entitlement programs, it's part of debt negotiations he said doesn't quote make folks in my party to happy he believes gop should go along with certain tax
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hikes. they want to back the plan of shared sacrifice. >> we have to ask tow play their parted because we are all part of the same country. we are all in this together. pit things on the table that is important to me and democrats and i expect republican leaders to do the same. >> molly: the president argued in the press conference that the public is on his side in debate which is a call for spending cuts and tax hikes. >> gregg: republicans are saying look this is not at all the right fix. >> molly: republicans say the reason we have such a debt problem is not because americans are not paying enough in taxes, it's because washington spends too much. >> the situation has gotten worse after the obama administration in the first two years in office discretionary spending has skyrocketed by 84% included the failed stimulus with spending reaching 25% of
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economic out put. >> molly: republican house speaker john boehner has told the president he doesn't have the votes in the thousands pass a debt reduction package that includes tax hikes. house republicans are insist thank you any increase in the debt ceiling is equal or more than the spending cuts. >> heather: time is running out we are less than a week away from the first critical deadline. you may have heard about it. the u.s. could default on debt obligations on august 2nd. that is when the treasury department predicts that we will hit the limit. a deal must be reached by july 22 in order for congress to pass a bill in time. congress has raised the debt ceiling 102 times since it was first instituted, that was back in 1917 and ten times in the last decade.
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>> gregg: battle over the debt ceiling moving over to congress when republicans plan to put new legislation on the table for a vote. the proposal is cut, cap and balance and faces major hurdles not just from democrats. joining us is senior editor of the american spectator. we'll get there in a moment. president obama would appear to be positioning himself as the fiscal hawk and sort of chanting of the deficit reduction deal. while at the same time he is trying to portray republicans as strident, unreasonable, reckless you know what, maybe it is working. take a look at the screen. this is a poll by a university and it finds that voters blame republicans over president obama 48% to 34% if the debt ceiling is not raised. is the president, john, winning the war of words if not ideas? >> i think a president always
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has the upper hand in these kinds of confrontations. as we learned from bill clinton, he can speak with one voice. congress speaks with several voices. we've seen tension between congressman boehner the speaker and majority leader cantor a little bit on what approach to take. i'm not surprised at that. but the president is playing his hand well but his cards are blank. it was back in december that his bold budget commission and he ignored that. he included none of that in his budgeted panned gave a speech over the summer i'm going put several trillion dollars in entitlement reforms but there was no specifics. so there is no indication of what he would eventually agree to. >> gregg: sometimes when you are playing poker and politics is often this that, it doesn't matter what you have in waited of a hand. house republicans have scheduled
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a vote on tuesday on cut, cap and balance budget. with cut spending equal to or greater than any new debt. it would cap spending not to exceed 18% of gdp and it would adopt a balanced budget amendment which obviously would take years, you got to get the approval of states. would you agree, john, that it will likely pass the house but fail in the democratic controlled senate, if so, what do republicans gain by this? >> they show to their base they were serious about having a plan that actually would address the nation's fiscal problems down the road. they want to force the democratic senators of which 23 are up for reelection in 2012, if they can vote against the balanced budget amendment that could be a club to beat them over the head with when it comes to the election. >> gregg: the president made -- i sat up in my chair in my office as i watched the news
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conference saying, where did that come from? he made a surprising claim yesterday. take a listen. >> you have 80% of the american people who support a balanced approach. 80% of the american people support an approach includes revenues and it includes cuts. so the notion that somehow the american people aren't sold is not the problem. >> gregg: there is no such 80% poll. i looked for it, i couldn't find it. it would appear to be referring to in this galup poll but take a look very closely because you have to focus on the three numbers in the middle. they reflect both the revenue cuts and that the president was talking about. when you add them up it comes to 69% which is not 80% as the president claims.
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the president's smath inaccurate in the following way. it ignores the other finding in that poll that americans favor spending cuts much more than tax increases, 50% to 11%. what is your reaction to this? >> i think the president again is trying to do the best with a bad argument. look, the problem with raising taxes on the wealthy, yes, you can find a majority in favor of that. back in december the president and republicans agreed that would hurt the recovery if you raise taxes in the middle of a recession there is not a single school of economic thought in this slow economy, raising taxes would help. the top 5% pay 59% of the income taxes, bottom 50% pay only 3% of the income taxes. so again it may make you feel good to tax the rich but ultimately if the president is
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going to get revenues he wants to balance out spending cuts he will have to go after the middle-class. >> gregg: finally he signaled he would support this fallback plan essentially give the president the power to raise the debt limit uin latd unilaterally but no spending or tax increases. who are the winners and losers? >> in the short term everyone inside the beltway, all of us and our children and grandchildren are losers. this is basically saying, we don't want to be unpopular. we are facing election next year let's have a conspiracy of silence we agree to forget about the debt limit. we will, to use the phrase kick the can down the road, maybe the next president will have to handle it. >> ducking responsibility. >> john, good to see you,
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thanks. >> heather: the debt talks could get even in the way of a birthday bash for president obama. he is planning a big fund-raiser for his birthday and that is creating a potential snag. set for august 3rd one day after the deadline to increase the debt limit on august 2nd. president might cancel the fund-raiser if a deal is not yet reached by that time. >> gregg: politically symbolic moment newt gingrich. running into a coroner he laughed off the incident but it may have hit close to home. a financial report showing gingrich is trailing other presidential con tern had tenders in raise money bringing
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in 2 s7b9 $1 million since entering the race. >> heather: new violence unfolding on the streets of syria reportedly opening fire on a group of protestors in damascus killing 28 people. the demonstration one of the largest ever held against the president there. reena ninan is live in jerusalem with us with details. >> human rights organizations say at least 28 people were killed in the protest on friday. despite the government crackdown it was the largest show of anti-government demonstrators since the unrest begin in march. going to areas where the government has been most intense and shouting. security forces are having a tough time to keep the revolt contained. since the uprising in march, 1600 people have been killed, most of them unarmed protestors. on saturday, people attended
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funerals of those killed on friday. tens of thousands protestors took to the streets on saturday in damascus following the funerals shouting we want freedom. one protestor was killed and wounded five near the iraqi border. meanwhile, in turkey, syrian opposition figures had a conference for ways to oust president assad. in turkey hillary clinton criticized the crackdown. >> syria's future is up to the syrian people but the effort by the opposition to come together to organize, to articulated an agenda are an important part of political reform. >> the unrest in syria, there are reports had shipped advanced missiles to lebanese adding to uncertainty of the region.
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>> gregg: serious new security concerns as casey anthony set to go from free, acquitted on charges of murdering her daughter. she is going to be released tomorrow. we don't know when but death threats are forcing law enforcement to take precautions. casey stegall is live outside the orange county correctional facility. how is this going to play out tomorrow. >> reporter: everyone would like the teens that question and quite frankly it's been speculation all up until this point because for obvious reasons because of the safety concern, the details are not being released into terms of how this release is going to go down tomorrow. we know that officials tried to get the airspace closed to prevent the news helicopters from hovering above, but that was denied. so the choppers are going take to the air this evening and this is going to be a pool situation where which means three journalists have been selected to witness and to document the
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actual release of casey anthony from jail. a news photographer, a still photographer and video photographer and an associated press reporter. we were talking to one of those photographers earlier and they are waiting for the phone to ring and will be escorted into jail. they could be held for several hours because they will be sequestered. they won't have access to blackberries, no access to the internet and no tweeting inside the facility. in terms of when specifically the release is going to happen, this is to avoid poop paparazzi trying to chase casey anthony down the road once she pulls out of the correctional facility. it is not going broadcast live. then those journalists are going to be held for an unspecified amount of time after the release. then they are going to come here to the parking lot and feed all the images and all the video out to the rest of the world.
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so really the officials here are being quite smart about this because the safety is paramount. casey's attorneys say they received seven threats of violence against their client. they want to make sure she is not in harm's way. >> gregg: what is happening with the civil case against casey that could be more than one -- i'm speaking of that one. >> reporter: a lost lawsuits are being thrown around. a lot of defamation cases. the biggest one you alluded. gonzalez, zannie the nannie the woman that casey alleged that kidnapped caylee. she was making up the name at the time. but there was a real woman named that. yesterday her attorneys were in court trying to convince a judge to allow them to depose casey
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anthony in the defamation case but siding with anthony's attorneys she is really not in a state to be deposed at the time. so the drama continues. we wouldn't expect anything less when dioysd this case. >> gregg: drama, lots of it >> heather: and casey anthony is not the only person concerned with her safety. bizarre city out of oklahoma city one woman was allegedly attacked for being a casey look alike. this really happened. she told a store employee that she resembled anthony. blackwell says she blew it off, but when she left work to drive home, the suspect was waiting for her and rammed her car into blackwell's truck. >> she hit my vehicle two times, i just lay back was crying and
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shaken. this woman said they thought i way is casey anthony and she tried to kill me. >> heather: they chased the suspect down. she was not seriously hurt. >> gregg: all right. let's talk about what is happening in southern california. warnings across l.a. right now. we are just hours into the closure of interstate 405. that is one of nation's busiest freeways. they are removing a 50-year-old bridge as part of a one billion dollar highway improvement project. gigi from our affiliated is live in los angeles with more. is this thing turning out to be as bad as feared or predicted? >> reporter: that is the big question, carmegeddon or
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nothing. it's too soon to tell but from all the reports we're getting, angelinos are staying off the freeways and staying off the streets. everybody got out of town or locked themselves up for the weekend to avoid this mess. take a look behind me. this the centerpiece of the carmegeddon show down, the mulholand bridge. they are cutting half of the bridge and it's a very necessary evil because in los angeles, you know that we have a huge traffic problem. no dynamite or explosions they are drilling it with jack hammers and diamond blade saws and they are doing with military precision so they get exactly what they need to. >> gregg: is there a deadline to finish this thing?
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>> reporter: yes traffic has to be rolling on monday morning. this freeway has to be open on 6:00 a.m. what happens if it's not open. construction crew they get fined $6,000 for every ten minutes of delay. so they got a heavy bounty there and they are working very hard. they will be working around the clock in the monday morning. >> gregg: thanks very much. never seen anything quite like this. >> heather: audiotape just released from the two planes that crashed into each other on logan international airport. and guess what is lurking off the coast of new zealand. a huge boom and governor rick perry on plans to host a prayer service. is it unconstitutional for an elected official to host a prayer event or unconstitutional not to let him? >> when governor perry became
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so bring home a real meal -- 10 pieces of that famous chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of four or more, just 20 bucks. today tastes so good. >> heather: we're hearing just released cockpit recordings from two planes that were crippled in a boston runway collision. the crash at logan airport left 300 passengers and crew in shock and two planes mangled. listen to this. >> we're going to have wait for a moment. i think we hit the rj. >> did you hit the wing. >> absolutely. >> they say the wing of the delta 767 clipped the tail of a regional jet causing serious damage to the smaller craft. one passenger was taken to the hospital.
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faa is investigating. >> gregg: some people have to head an fo an aquarium to sea world to see a while but not in new york because waters are thriving with a shocking amount of marine life. julie banderas is live. >> julie: whales in new york? forget about it. but the waters more marine life than there has been in 100 years. we're talking sharks, dolphins and even whales are settling back into the big apple after being driven out by polluted water and overfishing but after decades of anti-hunting laws, experts say our efforts are working. >> as long as we treat the ocean with respect and manager ourselves when we are out there, things are going to get better. the whales are great fine.
1:25 pm
return of all theseni animals ad increase is great bounty. >> julie: and businesses are taking advantage of it starting whale and seal watching tours. a captain of two ferry boats says pods of the mammals have inincreased ten fold. he went from seeing ten whales a year to 100 and incredible number of dolphins. this year is shaping up to be even better. >> a lot of mammals that used to pass by this area gone up to cape cod has stayed here because the water is so clear. so we had whales, porpoises and seals and this year it's more. >> julie: he believes that people will come to new york rather than go to cape cod and he may be right. 30 to 50 whales live in the
1:26 pm
waters past the bridge and that doesn't include those that migrate with the season. pretty cool stuff. >> gregg: that is great. >> heather: pentagon calling it a major attack, tens of thousands of department files hacked. they have an idea who is behind it. how is this for a twist. most common utensil in china, made in america and we'll show you how its made.
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>> heather: time for the top of the news, venezuelan president hugo chavez is undergoing cancer treatment in cuba. he just returned from cuba last month after undergoing surgery. >> secretary of state hillary
1:30 pm
clinton talking tough with the nato allies in turkey. on the recent crackdown on journalists and religious freedom. final movie in the hear potter film, raking in a record-breaking first day totaling nearly $92 million. >> gregg: this is being called one of the largest cyber attacks on pentagon ever. a foreign government hacked into their network and stole thousands of highly classified files. >> that was significant and it was a defense contractor. it was data related to systems that are being developed for the department of the defense. it was 24,000 files. it was done by a foreign intelligence service, another nation or state was behind it. >> gregg: who was behind it?
1:31 pm
here to talk about it steven yates, good to see you. hacker is described, all we know as foreign i have been tel service. any idea which country, china, russia? >> really it starts with china, russia is a plausible alternative but china is far and most active in using cyber attacks. it intends to target these kind of access. they aren't going straight to classified systems but they are going unclassified areas. >> gregg: what was stolen is some of the sensitive systems of all. we're talking about aircraft, surveillance technologies, satellite communications, network security protocols. is this damaging to our national defense? >> it's always damaging when we have weaknesses like this. it's always damaging when people
1:32 pm
seem to forget every single day an army of chinese intelligence agents are attacking us. but the pentagon has been careful to describe what has been lost. it sounds damaging and no doubt is, but they are not saying classified information was disclosed. >> gregg: that is what they are telling us. i'm not confident they would admit to anything else. what can we do about it? >> i think number one, we have to take very seriously when a nation's stated is engaging in this kind of attack. its bit like terrorism or the cold war where we have to have a response otherwise we don't sufficiently deter them and we don't get our allies board to be aggressive with us in guarding information. >> gregg: i wanted to turn to syria. once again, tens of thousands have taken to the streets on a
1:33 pm
typical friday. it's been happenings every friday and other days, as well. now perhaps as many as 1600 in all have been killed or murdered throughout these demonstrations. what can be done to stop the violence and diminish the strangle hold of assad? >> this is a tragic situation. there is a lot of human suffering going on here. what i'm frustrated when i watch the administration across the region in situations like this, it's very clear which side you need to be on. this is a bloody dictator, a puppet of an iranian regime that is fostering terrorism and attacks on u.s. troops. we need short of war to be exhausting all over available options to us, help them communicate, help them raise funds. help them acquire the means to top this will kind of regime so we don't have to do it.
1:34 pm
certainly stand out of the way of our allies and taking whatever actions they neal feel necessary. >> iran syria's main benefactor, is obama administration reluctant to intervene for fear that it might somehow arm or diminish our attempt to get tehran to abandon diplomatically abandon its nuclear weapons program? >> that is not a small consideration. i hope that is not their entire calculus. bush administration struggled with this tradeoff as well. when you look at this situation, iran is expanding the influence in an unhelpful way, destabilizing is a part of it terrorism is another. we have to get serious about responding and balancing the region back in favor of freedom. syria is just not an isolated incident in this regard.
1:35 pm
>> gregg: and what about libya, the united states formally recognizing the rebel leadership as the legitimate government. that allows them access to about $30 billion in libyan assets that is held in the united states. how will that help. what more should we do? >> you did capture the good news. it still mystifies me why it took several months for this stuff to be taken. and when and how the money will make it into the hands of the rebels. they have been fighting for their lives and future of their country for several months now. the state department said now they recognize them and funds will be unfrozen but they need arms. better in my mind to have the arms to defend themselves than for our soldiers and equipment to be at risk there. i'm hoping that our self-imposed arms embargo will be lifted
1:36 pm
also. >> stephen yates, thank you very much for being with us. new fallout in the world phone hacking investigation. dow jones chief executive stepping down after becoming a target of criticism. he served as chairman of the parent paper in u.k. after a current chief executive announced her resignation. allegations that they hacked into cellphone accounts for story. rupert murdoch has issued a statement apologizing for any, quote, any serious wrongdoing. british police have arrested seven people and recovered a list of 3700 names of potential victims. news of the world shut its doors last week. it was owned by news corporation
1:37 pm
the parent company of fox news. >> heather: seems like so much these days is made in china. everything from computers to cellphones. home in china are eating with chopsticks made in georgia. they create jobs by cranking out 2 million chopsticks every day. live in atlanta with more on this. hi, elizabeth. this is an encouraging story. >> reporter: as the great story. it's coming out of a small town and they are made of poplar and sweet gum trees. they grow like weeds and it turns out the perfect material for chopsticks. the company opened back in may and they are opened six days a week, 24 hours a day. the owner and ceo tells us when he first opened he had a more than 450 applicants for only 50
1:38 pm
positions. >> when i open up this business, my friends and family who were here, are you crazy. you are making chopsticks. in two years, i we can make something happen. >> reporter: and he is making something happen. all of his customers are overseas, korea and china and been a huge boost to the local economy. >> climbing out of that recession, it was difficult. but it not only improving unemployment and we know this could end up 250, 300 jobs in the future if this thing grows, but the greatest part of this and impact on our economic base is we have opened up new prospective business lines out on the pacific rim. >> reporter: he went on to say
1:39 pm
before georgia chopsticks opened they had 13% flioys rated and now they are seeing interested from companies all over looking to relocate in georgia. >> heather: that is a good story. we like it. >> governor rick perry in middle of a fight over prayer. a group suing over the texas governor's plan to have a prayer event. our panel will weigh in. and they are being told he is a reasonable force if students get out of line. what exactly that means and some argue that they could actually make schools safer. ♪ ♪
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>> heather: back to the top story, new turn into the most urgent debated in washington, the rush to raise the u.s. debt limit. president obama and gop brushing off face-to-face talks and making their appeals to directly to the american people but can either party win over the american public? they are sick of washington blame game. thank you so much for joining us today. of our power panel. let's talk about this debt debate. both sides going back and forth, kind of like throwing sand in the sand box at this point. who do you think americans will ultimately going to for this? >> i think there is a lot of blame to go around. looking at it this past week, to
1:44 pm
talk about the meetings who planned the meetings and you i think there is a lot of frustration. stop doing the politics of it all and just start making decisions. hopefully we will get to that point whenever the next meeting takes place, really there has to be some willingness amongst all parties. i don't think the republicans have come to the table willing to compromise, willing to say we will put this on the table since democrats are putting their choices on the table with cuts and entitlements. >> republicans say they have been willing to compromise. >> president obama is the president and what the american people want to see is true leadership. we have not seen that. he could have passed something last year when he had full control of the house and senate. his party on board and that was not a priority. nothing was passed. here we are and this is a political play. this is ridiculous because the priority at the time was
1:45 pm
revamping healthcare. >> and here is ceo. the u.s. is a huge come ghrom rat. and when there are problems in corporation, certain individuals in the work force, you need resolve this issue. we knee to have this done immediately because the fallout is so significant. they are not going to turn around all the individuals they are looking going to the heads of this country and say president obama you have to do better for all of us. >> we don't even want to play. they are.... >> democrats have done this that as well and president obama did that by walking out. there may be in discrepancy in the language, whether he stormed out or walked out. but ultimately he walked out, as well. >> we have a lot of folks walk out of meetings whether it's eric cantor and up in arms type
1:46 pm
of response we've seen from the many new tea party members in the house. i think there has to be some give and take. you have republicans saying we're not willing to compromise. >> if it wasn't for the tea party we wouldn't be having this debate. they are holding the politicians accountable because we wanted true leadership and we're not seeing that right now. >> here is leadership that is in question. next, rick perry is facing a lawsuit to hold a day of prior. is it okay for a governor to sponsor an event like this? >> personally i pray every day but i don't want to impose that on someone else. there are so many different individuals that pray. some individuals don't believe there is a higher power. i think there is huge separation between church and state. politicians can stay out of.
1:47 pm
that you can lead a very christian life or prayerful life, but to impose it on other folks. >> heather: he is not requiring people to go to this. >> this is a free world and i don't think she how this is an issue. anyone can attend, the atheists are the ones who have a problem with this. they have a problem with christmas, anything that is associated with christianity. >> the issue with the lawsuit is more about, proclamation that was done, potentially he has crossed the line between church and state which important part of foundation of our country. i think he should go ahead and do this but a bigger issue who he is standing shoulder to shoulder with. some of the folks that are part of the leadership of this rally have said extremely intolerant homophobic, really egregious
1:48 pm
things that for me growing up as presbyterian, that wasn't like being a christian about. >> to stand shoulder and sthould shoulder with. i would reference president obama and questions about some of the people he stood shoulder to shoulder with. >> what about the easter egg at the white house, the prayer breakfast that they do. >>. [ talking over each other ] >> there is a voice to individuals that say we find this offensive and don't follow that, then don't go. don't use the zblow at the same time in america we have a right to be christians and we don't have to apologize for it. i feel so strongly about that. i feel that people out there apologizing for being a
1:49 pm
christian these days. i don't think you need to do that. that is my opinion. in england we're going to go to, new government guidelines advising teachers to use physical force. saying it's okay to do this sometimes. >> there was an article that we miss that type of discipline. we feel that corporal punishment is needed in certain circumstances. especially they are so wayward they are falling off the treadmill. including students that corporal punishment to be implemented in the u.s. >> my husband and i were joking how he was disciplined by the nuns. you can't stand and allow them to fight. they need to put effort from keeping kids in harming people. there are schools in america
1:50 pm
where teachers are not supposed to do anything. they stand there and students acted out and it's crazy. >> i think as parenting decisions have changed a lot over the last few decades, teachers should be given a little more flexibility. ankle lot of parents are spending way too much room. think don't give them boundaries and same lack of boundaries are transferred over to the classroom. parents are more lax on their children, we have to figure out a way for teachers to be more discipline are the klrmd there is a balance. if two kids are fighting. teacher needs to have the ability. >> my sister would agree with this. >> now is the computer changing the way your brain works? a new study says yes, how internet searches change the way we think. stick around.
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>> heather: new study claims there is growing independence on the internet is changing the way our brains work and especially how well we remember. is the internet making us dumber? back with the panel and thank
1:55 pm
you so much. thank you for sticking around. what do we think? i know it's change the way we work and study. >> i think with all this information. i remember growing up we would go do the card catalog and look at books and now google and put it quickly. it's the era of media gratification. there isn't any classes or deliberate process to get you to the answer to the questions any longer. >> it's a huge problem that kids aren't being taught critical thinking but as far as i'm concerned i am smarter because of the internet, but there is no issue that i can't be up to speed on in up to seconds. that is a good thing. if i have a internet and i think we're moving in right direction with it. >> come on how many of you know all the cellphone numbers that are in your phones right now? >> you know where to go to get the information.
1:56 pm
>> but it's a positive thing. it's a great resource if you use it wisely and correctly. >> don't do the shortcuts. you get the shortcuts and you don't go through the deliberative process and enhances the learning. >> it does make us dumber but changes the way the brain thinks. >> when you trying to think of the song or who the actress, tip on the tongue for two weeks now you can find out in 15 seconds. >> and your computer doesn't work, that is what really is scary. >> carmegeddon, it's like that. a whole other issue. >> gregg: casey anthony is getting out of jail perhaps next several hours but given all the threats do police have an obligation legally to protect her? and jurors should should they be
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
>> heather: hello. i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> gregg: topping the news, hundreds of teachers getting pink slips after dismal grades on a brand-new teacher aevaluation system. will this begin to turn around america's failing schools? >> heather: and just hours, casey anthony will walk out of jail and into a new, uncertain life. we'll get a live report from orlando. >> gregg: and the dog days of summer, blistering heat out there blanketing much of the country. we're going to get the very latest forecast. plus a cool new way to keep your beach from overheating. pooch from overheating. >> heather: it is looking like a dead end in the great debt
2:01 pm
debate this weekend. with an august 2 deadly fast approaching, there is no sign of a deal after a week with lots of talk but little action, it's actually been nearly a day since the two sides even sat down face-to-face. now obama is taking his case directly to the people hoping to win that battle for public opinion. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. what is the president's pitch to the public today? >> hi, heather. in his weekly radio and internet address, the president said, quote, we're all in this together. and that everyone has to, quote, play their part and share the sacrifice to reduce the deficit. the president is insisting that some tax hikes need to be in a final deal. as well as cuts in federal spending and reforms to entitlement programs, like social security and medicare. >> the truth is, we can't solve our deficit without cutting spending, but you also can't solve it by asking the
2:02 pm
wealthiest americans to pay their fair share or take on loopholes that give big corporations tax breaks that middle americans don't get. >> john boehner has been adamant that he does not have the votes in the house to pass any kind of deal that includes tax hikes. heather? >> heather: molly, republicans say this is a matter of spending, not taxes. right? >> yes. specifically house republicans. they want any kind of increase in the debt ceiling to be matched with equal or more spending cuts. not higher taxes. both house and senate republicans say the president is not putting forth any kind of proposal that can win congressional support. >> president obama and his democratic allies in congress refuse to comom up with a legitimate plan to confront a run away spending that left our country over $14 trillion in debt. he refuses to reform our near bankrupt entitlement programs, all while pushing job killing tax hikes. we've been down this road
2:03 pm
before. and republicans will not go down it again. >> senate and house republicans intend to push next week for a balanced budget amendment that would if our country's credit rating takes a hit, the likely first result is interest rates will go up on nearly everything, pension funds, investment trusts could be forced to dump american holdings and states and city also find it harder to borrow money to provide services. >> heather: and just to give you a sense of the problem, since the president took office, public debt has increased by $4 billion per day. let's break that down. our total public debt stood at
2:04 pm
$10.6 trillion in january 2009. as of wednesday this week, it was up to $14.3 trillion. that is a 35% increase since inauguration day. >> gregg: the count down is on. casey anthony spending her final few hours in jail. the 25-year-old will be getting out sometime tomorrow after being found not guilty on charges of murdering her two-year-old daughter, caylee. but experts say her freedom comes with a hefty price tag. now she's vulnerable to all the people out there who are sure she was guilty and are pretty angry about the verdict. casey stegall is live outside the orange county corrections facility in orlando, florida. casey, what time will she be released or do we not know? >> gregg, we really do not know. that is the thing here. will it happen at midnight?
2:05 pm
will it happen in the middle of broad daylight? a lot of people certainly want to know, but that is not being disclosed because of what you just said, security concerns for casey anthony. the other big question, what are the logistics looking like? a security expert company telling fox news channel that really this could be handled the same way a lot of powerful politicians and a lot of celebrities are even moved around and transported, most likely decoy vehicles will be used, perhaps cars, a caravan of several vehicles will leave the jail here at the same time tomorrow. when this actually happens, all going in different directions and of course, only one of them will contain casey anthony. that will make it very difficult for the news choppers that are going to be overhead to track her and it will make it very difficult for the paparrazzi and other journalists who also plan on trying and follow her.
2:06 pm
the other big question, where will she go? there has been a tremendous amount of speculation on that front as well. is she going to be going to a safe house? will she go to puerto rico? will she go to new york? stay with her aunt in texas? again, we simply do not know because there are great security concerns. casey anthony's own civil attorney saying that just yesterday, he received seven different violent threats against his client. we know death threats have been logged. a lot of people certainly unhappy and they believe casey anthony got off the hook here and they believe she is guilty of killing her daughter even though the jury found that not to be the case, gregg. >> gregg: you've been there for a while. talk to us more about the heavy reaction from the community about this. >> mixed emotions, as you can imagine. mixed emotions, yet very powerful emotions outside the jail here, we have seen protests forming. people on both sides, those that support casey anthony and again,
2:07 pm
those who feel that she is guilty. guilty at least in the court of public opinion and not far from here, by the way, less than 20 miles on the other side of orange county is where a makeshift memorial has grown in the woods. the woods where the remains of little caylee anthony were found and essentially has become a tourist destination. i know that sounds a bit morbid. but people from all over the country paying tribute and leaving toys. on the day before her release, people are stopping by and they sure have is a lot to say. listen. >> if my child was missing for 31 seconds, i would report it, you know. i don't understand how somebody could just not care about their baby. >> as you can see, a lot of emotion, a lot of people have very strong opinions about this. people who have been glued to
2:08 pm
the television set watching every bit of the criminal proceedings. people following the case as far back as 2008 when it became thrust into the national spotlight. by the way, a poll not long after the jury rendered its verdict said two-thirds of americans did not agree with the verdict and they thought that casey anthony was guilty in this case. gregg? >> gregg: all right. casey stegall live in orlando, thanks very much. the murder trial may be over, but other thorny legal issues remain. for example, should taxpayers there fund police protection for casey anthony? what about jurors financially profiting here? should there be a law about that? of course, two defamation lawsuits are in the works. we'll have much more on this with our legal panel in just a few minutes from now. >> heather: news corp., the parent company of fox news channel, is apologizing for the phone hacking scandal that led to investigations in both britain and the united states as
2:09 pm
well as resignation of two of the company's executives. sky news reporter jane do you gole has more on this developing story from london. >> the murdoch empire is not popular. roux part murdoch -- roux port murdoch -- they have been centering around members of parliament or celebrities. it was discovered that a 13-year-old murder victim called millie had her phone hacked into in 2002 while she was missing. rupert murdoch came into britain last week and met with her parents yesterday where we're told he apologized to them face-to-face. the parents were furious at what happened. they had been calling for rebecca brooks, who was the editor of the newspaper who
2:10 pm
allegedly hacked in, calling for her to resign. she didn't at the time. only 11 days later that she resigned. the reason that the parents were so angry is that while their child was missing, they had been calling and calling her mobile phone, leaving message, begging her to get in contact with them. that filled up her voice mail. whenever anyone calls, it says this mailbox is full. news of the world's journalist hacked into that phone, listened to the messages and deleted them. which meant when the family got in later on, they believed millie listened to them and then deleted them. they believed she was still alive and it gave them false hope because she was not still alive rupert murdoch apologized. this is not over yet. rebecca brooks, james murdoch and rupert murdoch have been summoned to appear before what's
2:11 pm
called is select committee. then mp's will be able to ask them many questions about the actions of the journalists working for one of their newspapers at the time. it's the first time they will face such questions and members of the public will be able to watch this as well. it will be broadcast live on television here in the u.k. on sky news. that will happen on tuesday. >> heather: sky news reporter reporting for us. thanks. >> gregg: protesters are ratcheting up the pressure on syrian president bushier al assad, holding rallies, calling for him to leave power. but the government fighting back and with deadly results. reena ninan has the story in jerusalem. >> human rights organizations say 28 people were killed on friday and despite the government crackdown, it was the largest show of antigovernment demonstrators since the unrest began in march. in areas where the government
2:12 pm
brutality has been the most intense. this shows that security forces are having a tough time keeping the revolt contained. activists say since the uprising s began in march, 1600 have been killed. on saturday, shops were closed as people attended funerals of those killed friday. tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets on saturday following the funerals, shouting, we want freedom, and god is great. syrian shot and killed some protesters. in turkey, syrian opposition figures held a conference to find ways to oust syrian president al assad. while in turkey, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton criticized the crackdown. >> syria's future is up to the syrian people, but of course, the efforts by the opposition to come together to organize, to articulate an agenda are an important part of political
2:13 pm
reform. >> amid the unrest, there is talk that they have shifted weapons. gregg? >> gregg: reena ninan, thanks. >> heather: extreme weather alert now. a new brutal heat wave is sweeping across the nation. scorching temperatures smothering the plains and in some areas it feels like it's 115 degrees. and there is new concerns that the triple digit temperatures will start to spread. maria molina is live in the fox weather center where it is hot, hot, hot. >> that's right. it's so hot. we're looking at temperatures, or feels like temperatures at 115 degrees. i cannot even imagine what that feels like. please be safe, everyone, if you live across central portions of the u.s. and the heat is widespread today, from texas up through the dakotas and across portions of minnesota. as we head into tomorrow, we'll
2:14 pm
continue to see this heat spread. for right now, 101 in dallas. we have current temperature at 93 in kansas city and 98 in rapid city. this is a lot of hot air and when you factor in the humidity, we're looking at heat feels like of 115. there is at least 15 states with some sort of heat advisory. that's because of an area of high pressure that's bringing in a lot of hot air into this region. as we head into tomorrow, more hot temperatures, triple digits for texas. 100 for rapid city. that far north. we're thinking minneapolis could see a high temperature tomorrow at 104. 98 in kansas city. this is extreme heat, guys. these hot temperatures will continue to spread eastward as well as the storm system begins to push this air eastbound. so we're looking tomorrow at chicago, high temperature at 94 degrees. again, factor in the humidity and it should feel hotter. because of high pressure in place, we expect things to remain generally dry. theres a chance for a few
2:15 pm
showers or storms across northern portions of the plains, like north dakota, minnesota, that could be bringing in a bit of relief with rain for that moment. otherwise it's just going to be a hot day. portions of the southeast right now already seeing heavy rain which is good news. louisiana, coastal regions of florida panhandle and southern portions of georgia and alabama, really need the rain. that's good news for now. again, the showers and storms across northern plains will be firing up later on today and they could actually produce some severe weather. that's what we'll be looking at, including the city of fargo. heather? >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: everybody's lawns are getting scorched out there. it's kind of tough. >> heather: you have a lawn? >> gregg: i have a lawn. you don't? >> heather: i've got a little bread box. >> gregg: i'll bring awe patch from my front yard. it's all brown now. all right. how about los angeles? it's being called carmageddon, massive road construction project and these are live pictures, mind you, shutting
2:16 pm
down miles of one of the nation's busiest highways. how drivers there are coping with the detours. >> heather: probably grumbling. an airline passenger under arrest charged with sexual assault after she reportedly -- get this -- groped a tsa agent. >> gregg: that's a no-no. hundreds of teachers getting pink slips. that's right. why are they losing their jobs and why is their union trying to stop it? >> we really aren't doing a very good job of insuring that our children have the skills and knowledge that they need to be successful in life naturals from purina cat chow. delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,00miles, but...
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2:19 pm
>> gregg: welcome back. carmageddon seems to be rolling along.
2:20 pm
the massive 53-hour road construction project in los angeles shutting down a ten-mile stretch of a very busy 405 interstate. drivers are steering clear of the area. denver woman under arrest charged with groping a tsa agent in a security checkpoint at an airport in phoenix. court records show the 61-year-old woman grabbed the female agent's breast. the passenger is facing a felony count of sexual abuse. astronauts are staying busy. after 30 years, the shuttle fleet is being retired when atlantis mission is over. >> heather: lawmakers on capitol hill can't seem to agree on how to reduce the national debt. a new poll suggests even though they wish it were so, the
2:21 pm
american people, regardless of party, are pretty skeptical that any debt deal can be done with spending cuts alone. even among republicans, only 26% expect that to be the case. here now, ryan clayton, democratic campaign consultant, and president of gopac. thank you for joining us, both of you. >> thanks for having us. >> heather: ryan, i'll begin with you. i listened to the president's speech on friday. he actually said that this is not a case of salesmanship, that the american people are already sold. is the problem on capitol hill just a case of putting politics first, for both parties? >> politicians in general, including president obama, need to wake up to the fact that the american people are not accepting the solutions that they're offering and the false alternative between cutting more and cutting less. in congressional districts around the country today, tens of thousands of americans are getting together and over 1600 homes to talk about how they would rebuild the american middle class, through rebuild
2:22 pm
the and in that conversation, they're talking about job, not cuts. not default. not debt, not taxes. it would be great if the politicians in washington would follow their lead and start talking about jobs and start focusing on creating jobs as well. >> heather: so david, one thing that this poll does not make clear is exactly what types of tax cuts that people may be in favor of. so my question to you would be are all tax cuts created equal? >> well, we need tax cuts that are going to help stimulate the economy and grow the economy so that entrepreneurs and small business owners are willing to go out and try to create jobs. it's the only way we're going to get out of this deficit problem. one, we have to get government spending under control. we have to live within our means. two, we have to grow the economy. the one thing this president has shown is he has no idea what policies to put in place to create jobs and grow the economy. look, go around the country. state after state is balancing
2:23 pm
their budgets without increasing taxes. states like ohio and wisconsin and michigan. if you want to say, look, those are all republican governed states, even states like new york and minnesota have said look, we're not going to raise taxes. democrat governors said let's not raise taxes. let's pull in government spending and that's how they've balanced their budget. it's a model for the federal government to look at. >> heather: what about the poll, david? it appears that americans willing to adjust some,o be a little bit more flexible an the republicans who are, in fact, in washington. >> well, republicans have offered some revenue enhancements. things like -- as paul ryan points out, there are companies last year, ge being one of them, that didn't pay one dime in taxes. we need to look at closing some hoop holes. you -- loopholes. on the other side, there is companies like ups that paid 34% in taxes. so there does need to be tax fairness and closing of some
2:24 pm
loopholes. the other thing republicans have talked about is look, let's look at government property that we can sell. there is senator kyl established 150 billion that we could sell and create more revenue for the government. it doesn't all have to be taxes on the millionaires. let's say we taxed all the millionaires as the president wants to, it's a pittance for what we need. even if we got rid of the bush tax cuts, that's $700 billion in a budget that the president over the next ten years is going to add $10 trillion to the budget deficit. the taxes he's talking about creating will never solve this budget crisis. the only way to do it is grow the economy and cut the government spending. >> heather: ryan, i'm going to ask you, what specifically are democrats willing to do in that area when we talk about cutting government spending? >> look, all taxes are not
2:25 pm
created equal, just like you said, with all tax cuts not being created equal. increasing taxes on the middle class and on working families is a bad idea, but increasing taxes on millionaires and billionaires and corporate ceo's who aren't paying their fair share, that's just fine. and that's why i'm proud that president obama passed the largest middle class tax cut in american history and currently i would encourage him to quickly move past this gop bluff on the debt ceiling debate and stop corporate tax abuse and return to clinton era taxes for the rich because he has the moral high ground and he needs to use it. >> heather: what about the spending cuts? what about spending cuts? >> i think a lot of the administration and the democrats put spending cuts on the table and shown themselves willing. the current plan -- >> which ones specifically? the president hasn't announced any specific cuts. even when he says he's willing to put social security and medicare on the table, he doesn't talk about anything specific. this president never talks
2:26 pm
specifics. he always leaves it to congress. >> the president offered to put cuts on the table. it's extreme represents -- >> which ones? >> which ones, ryan? >> put politics first. >> which ones? which ones are we talking about cutting? >> that's not the way to solve this current problem. what we need to do is not default on our debt 'cause that will send shock waves through our economy. putting millions more americans out of work and create instability. just to make a political point. i think that's frankly unacceptable and i think most americans do, too. >> heather: all right. >> ryan, when we raise $700 billion by getting rid of all the bush tax cuts, where do we find the rest of the money to take care of the ten trillion dollars the president is going to propose in new spending? >> heather: i have to wrap you up. let's end it on that question because ryan, i do have to say, you weren't saying anything specific. but we'll have you both back to talk a little bit more about this. thank you so much. we appreciate your insight.
2:27 pm
thank you. >> gregg: unions in the nation's capitol protesting as hundreds of teachers and school staff are losing their job. michelle rees's evaluation program is at the heart of all those layoffs. her successor is defending her former boss saying, she stands by the program. peter doocy has more from washington. >> the final bell rang for 413 dc public school employees yesterday. that's how many workers were fired. 206 were teachers. that adds up to 5% of all the public school teachers in the entire district of columbia, a big chunk of the workers let go. 288 rated sub par by the city's school evaluation system called impact. it was thought up by michelle ree when she was the school chancellor and determines who the good and bad teachers are by looking at how well the students do and how well the lesson plans are laid out.
2:28 pm
the current chancellor says it's a fair way to do it. >> it's allowing us to do what we set out to do, which is recognizing and reward our highest performers, which is to support and develop our people who are struggling, and to move out our low performers. >> she also says she's trying to make sure that every child has access to an outstanding education, but the teachers union doesn't buy into any of it and they're taking aim at what ended up dooming many of them. >> impact as an evaluation system is biased and most if not all evaluation systems run by other human beings are proven to be biased. >> the impact system isn't just out to ax people. in fact, it determined that 663 teachers here are highly effective and now they are all eligible for $25,000 bonuses, gregg. >> gregg: peter doocy in washington. thanks. >> heather: tug of war battle in libya between pro-gadhafi forces and the other side. both sides seeking to gain the
2:29 pm
upper hand a. live report from the ground for you straight ahead. after nearly three years in jail, casey anthony is just hours from release. what might await her on the outside that. is straight ahead. >> with respect to the depositions in this case, probably some additional cost is necessary because just today, i received seven threats of violence against her. so announcing the time, place of the deposition, i suggest we shouldn't do that. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your dtor about viagra? 20 million men already have. with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a suen decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you.
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2:32 pm
>> heather: it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. maryland democratic governor is now accusing republicans of wanting to hurt the economy to win in 2012. republicans say there must be spending cuts to reach a deal on the debt ceiling. >> gregg: and so much for carmageddon, most drivers in california are staying away from
2:33 pm
interstate 405. the closure sparking fears of epic gridlock. >> heather: and president obama meeting with the dalai lama, the spiritual leader entered through the back of the white house so no tv cameras could get a picture of him. this is a fox news alert. developments on the fighting in libya. we are getting reports of gadhafi forces unleashing a vicious attack on a key oil port in the east, killing at least ten rebel fighters. in the west, rebels are making serious new gains. leeland vitter has the latest. >> heather, that fight continues tonight. i was there for a couple of weeks during the beginning of this war back in february and
2:34 pm
march. i can tell you, it would be very difficult for the rebels to retake that ground if for no other reason than it's on the top of a hill. remember, the rebels were out there fighting or largely doing so with home made weapons and not tanks that gadhafi has. still the forces have been unable to push out of any of their fortified positions because of the nato air strikes. the one thing gadhafi has done is send in heavy fire power in various cities and that's having an effect on the civilian population and one of the reasons the rebels are trying to push out is to push gadhafi forces back and away from the cities. in the mountain, closer to tripoli and the place they want to march on, gadhafi forces are holding very strong and the rebels have been unable to reach a key oil supply line that they want to try to cut and lay siege to tripoli. where we're coming up to is three weeks from the beginning
2:35 pm
of ramadan. since this war began, the rebels have been saying all along we're going to march on tripoli in ten days, in ten days. when ramadan coming up in about three weeks, there is now a definite timetable for them because during the month of ramadan, muslims fast from dawn to dusk, which makes fighting a lot more difficult logickisticcally. what's interesting for the rebels is they have said there is a reasonable chance they will get more reinforcements from overseas. libyans were living all over the world say they might come back to fight for ramadan, if for no other reason that it's thought if you die as a martyr during the month of ramadan, you are elevated to a higher status in heaven, therefore, coming back during that month to fight has certain significance. heather, back to you. >> heather: thank you very much. streaming live from misrata.
2:36 pm
>> gregg: casey anthony, hours away now from freedom after nearly three years behind bars. she's expected to be released sometime tomorrow. potentially under the cover of darkness. nobody really knows. but considering the outrage in some quarters over the not guilty verdict that's setting her free will police be forced to provide protection at taxpayer expense? joining us to talk about it is robert shunk, mercedes. absent a specific threat, do they have a legal obligation to provide protection at taxpayer expense for casey anthony? >> absolutely not. casey anthony should be afforded the same protections as anyone should when she's a free person, when released from jail, but under no circumstances should she get free protection from the police department. almost a swat team force.
2:37 pm
if she wants that kind of protection, she can sell her story and hire her own protection. >> gregg: mercedes, the defense team is saying they're getting all kinds of threats, death threats continuously every day. if something happens to her, would law enforcement be vicariously responsible? >> that's a great point, but no. i do agree with you, robert. but there is a big case that talked exactly about this, that if the authorities do get involved, someone calls, 911 call, even if it's not casey anthony, but someone else called and they start going towards whatever the emergency is, then liability attaches. but having some pro-active duty to her, none whatsoever. she will, though, if she's smart, she's absolutely going to get her own security. >> gregg: she doesn't have money. >> i'm sure there are folks that will reach out, just so they can say they're part of casey anthony. >> gregg: apparently some one or more of the jurors that served in this case are asking for money in exchange for interviews
2:38 pm
and all kinds of things. that has prompted a florida law maker to propose a bill that would make it illegal for jurors serve not guilty a case for a period of 270 days to profit from their service financially. is that a violation of the first amendment free speech right of jurors? after all, the supreme court said free speech for profit is covered bit first amendment. >> it's an egregious violation of the first amendment. the law maker probably didn't read the first amendment because if he did, he would realize this is something that you can not pick and choose who can profit. why can casey anthony and jose baez profit and the people who are selected as jurors, the people who are upholding the constitution, their civic duty to sit on a jury be forced to wait? >> i can't tell you how much i disagree because imagine all these jurors that, well, i got on the casey anthony jury, that's great! i'm going to -- even though i can't be fair and impartial, i'm
2:39 pm
going to do it so i can profit, that is one of the biggest dangers. >> gregg: she may have a very good point. what if a juror on a particular case, and a lot of people thought this went on in the o. j. simpson case -- what if a goosies, you know what? if i reach a particular verdict in a particular way, it's more saleable for a book. i'll make more money. doesn't the right under the federal constitution of the accused to a fair trial trump the first amendment for jurors? >> that's why we have very competent, good lawyers and a legal system to weed out the bad seeds. that's also taking -- you're both assuming that one person will sway 11 other people. >> and they could! >> you could hang a jury, but -- >> gregg: the three jurors who collaborated on a book following the o. j. simpson not guilty verdict, robert? >> valid point, but we don't have that here yet. until i see people collaborating here, very rare. >> if they can profit from it,
2:40 pm
then you're going to have some impartiality or someone will say something that they really truly don't mean. >> gregg: how many jurors do -- >> how many jurors do you read about making money? >> it's hard to proof. >> gregg: meter reader roy kronk is allegedly the latest to threaten a defamation lawsuit. he's threatening to sue the bounty hunter on a claim of defamation. defamation is a false statement that damages somebody's good name. that would assume, of course, that roy kronk, robert, has a good name to be damaged. >> his name has been dragged through the mud at his own cause, through the course of the trial. however, i was reading parts of the claim, that mr. kronk's attorneys filed. he has a leg to stand on. the bounty hunter over three years accused him of killing caylee, been in cahoots with the family of covering up the
2:41 pm
murder, and then being a plant for the police department. they told him where the body was so he would get the reward money. if he can prove that one of those is false or two of those is false, then he has to prove damages. the problem will be what are the damages? >> please, mr. creepo is going to make money out of this? i don't think so. >> gregg: careful. i don't want you to get sued for defamation. zanny the nanny defamation lawsuit. i think this is the real and serious legitimate one. casey anthony falsely claimed that she kidnapped her daughter and it turned out to be a complete and utter lie by casey anthony. if she gets a judgment against casey anthony, is it going to be just like the o. j. simpson case, fred goldman hounded o. j. simpson for years with a multi-million-dollar judgment. >> i think so. absolutely. you said yourself, casey anthony doesn't have anything right now. even if she profits, we know there is an outstanding motion by the prosecutors that if you, casey anthony, get any sort of funds as a result of the death of your child, we want the
2:42 pm
million dollars plus that it took to prosecute you. and frankly i'm sure some judge will actually sign it. but she has 20 years to pay back that judgment and i'm sure it will take about 20 years. and zanny the nanny has a really good claim. >> gregg: what do you think? >> i 100% agree. if she makes any money on this, the hope is that she doesn't see any of it. >> gregg: robert, mercedes, good to see you both. >> heather: a man coming up with a cool solution for our hot four legged friends. a new invention that will have some tails wagging this summer, turning hot dogs into cool canines. that's up next. [ male announcer ] the network --
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>> heather: step outside and you will know the dog days of summer are here. and people aren't the only ones trying to beat the heat. pets need a way to stay cool as well, of course. cynthia from wtbt in florida has more. >> this is where all the craziness happens. >> only this time, greg's workbench produced a not so crazy idea. >> kind of all started out with like a squirt gun. >> plus some aquarium tubing and? >> that's a mister. but for the misting nozzle on it. i buy whatever and i use the pieces i need and the rest kind of goes in the trash. >> these pieces came together in a prototype for cool down doggy, a leash that let's you mist your dog while you walk.
2:47 pm
greg's inspiration was fancy, an adopted dog that lives a couple doors down. >> she's good with it. she walks. we mist her and she's happy and keeps her cool. gray hounds overheat easily. >> she modeled cool down doggy at the global pet expo. >> she is sort of tall and thin like a model. >> and she's got the long legs. >> greg says the leash is easy to use. >> you can unscrew here where the water goes and you fill it up. it has a line to tell you how full to fill it. there is room for error. pump up the leash. and then it's good to go. >> pull the trigger and spritz your dog with a fine cooling mist. cool down doggy isn't greg's first invention. but it's the first to make it to the shelfs. >> i didn't even get through the second glass doors of petco and i saw it on their shelf right there in the front. >> a very proud moment for him and his family. >> i remember thinking, oh, my
2:48 pm
gosh, i'm dreaming. like this isn't happening. i started, like, calling all my friends and texting all them, go to petco, you have to get the cool dawn dougie. it's in stores. >> it's now in or on its way to more than 500 petcos nationwide. but greg is not resting. you might say he has a new leash on his life of inventions. >> the next idea is already working? >> oh, yeah. >> that's a great idea. >> heather: absolutely. i have a dog, she's 16 years old. so she's a little jack russell terrier. she would be soaking wet with that. >> gregg: probably you wouldn't need a lot of water with a small dog. how about a cool down gregg when i go jogging? i'll put that around my neck. >> heather: that's a great idea. that was cynthia smoot, by the way. >> gregg: john mccain issue ago warning to his fellow republicans involving michelle bachman and president obama. find out what the senator is so worried about. >> heather: and it is the end of an era.
2:49 pm
after 30 years, the space shuttle program is coming to a close. find out what americans had to say about it. that is up next. to keep in balance after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. hey, dad, you think i could drive? i'll tell you what -- when we stop to fill it up. ♪ ♪ [ son ] you realize, it's gotta run out sometime.
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>> gregg: the debate over the nation's debt ceiling is weighing on the minds of american this is weekend.
2:53 pm
the latest rasmussen report shows more than two-thirds of voters believe it would be bad for the u.s. economy if lawmakers do not raise the debt ceiling, thereby forcing the federal government arguably to default on its financial obligations. >> heather: let's bring in scott rasmussen, himself of rasmussen reports here on the set with us. this is a pleasure to have you here. >> great to be in studio with you. >> heather: we were discussing just a moment ago that the good thing is, more people are talking about this. right? >> that's right. people are becoming more and more aware. the majority know that most of our spending goes to a few areas, social security, medicare, national security, knowledge about the budget is up. but they're really worried about what's happening and don't trust the politicians from either party. >> heather: they believe it would be more dangerous to raise it? >> the biggest concern is they think what would be bad if there is a default, but worse if they raise the debt ceiling without cutting any spending. and the trick is people just, they hear politicians talk about spending cuts year after year,
2:54 pm
the last time government spending went down was 1954. they just don't believe it. so before any discussion about tax hikes, people are going to want to see a real spending cut take place. >> gregg: i want to shift to the casey anthony case, which so many people were following. tomorrow sometime, we don't know, probably in the dark of night, she'll secretly be released from jail. and a lot of people, and this happens every time there is a verdict by a jury that people don't agree with. do people become cynical and think, well, juries are gullible. maybe we ought to have judges or something? , you polled on that? >> most americans still believe juries are better than judges to decide these things. the number who say judge is better, 27% is almost double of what it was before the casey anthony verdict, so there is some backlash there. but we did some polling of people who served on juries and by 84% to 10% margin, they say we think we got it right. >> gregg: really? >> people are actually on the juries, tend to feel good about
2:55 pm
the outcome. not these high profile cases, but the day-to-day juries. >> heather: what specifically about this specific outcome in terms of the verdict, what do they think? >> everybody knows what the verdict was and 61% think it was wrong. they believe that casey anthony was guilty of murder and should have been found guilty. >> gregg: does that surprise you? you polled previous cases, other cases, famous cases. you ever seen one with that much adverse sentiment from a jury verdict? >> the o. j. simpson trial had similar type of dynamic. the thing that surprised me about this was just how many people did know what the verdict was. 90% of americans knew what the verdict was. >> gregg: that is amazing. so many people following it. i want to ask you, we were just talking about the space shuttle and showing pictures of them at the international space station unloading stuff, the last trip, 30 years of this wonderful esteemed program. you did some polling on it. >> 50% of americans say it's been worth the cost, which is up a little bit from a year and a
2:56 pm
half ago. 27% say probably wasn't. one thing, it really shouldn't be a surprise given our history, baby boomers are most enthusiastic about it, 'cause we're the generation, we saw the moon landing and it was all new and exciting. so still had a little bit of positive feelings left over. >> heather: i remember growing up in school, we would take time out to watch the different shuttle launches and the returns. it's kind of sad. >> gregg: yeah. i remember the gemini and apollo launches and you do, too. wonderful stuff back then. >> it really was. >> gregg: so inspiring to all of us. speaking of inspiring, you're going to be at yankee stadium tonight. right? >> that's right. watching sir paul mccartney. i'm going with my sons. it's going to be a great boys night out. >> gregg: good for you. that's great. wonderful new york moment. i went to a broadway show last night with sutton foster. anything goes. she is an incredible talent. just wonderful new york experiences, aren't they? >> great weather in new york
2:57 pm
now. so enjoy time out for sure. >> gregg: good to have you. >> great to be here. >> gregg: that's going to do it for russ. rick folbaum and arthel neville taking over. have a great weekend.
2:58 pm
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